Black Mountain Notes Fumées

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French whisky for lovers of scotch and wine

The nose is mineral with initial hints of herbs, barley and smoky aromas. Then come floral fragrances and notes of dried fruit and oak.

The palate is first floral and fruity with smoky flavours developing into aromas of toast and malt. Then notes of vanilla, citrus fruit, leather and subtle touches of herbs can be tasted.

The finish is rich, savoury, with a hint of mocha cake.

The distinctive and exceptional aromas of Black Mountain whiskies belonging to our collection called Sélection result from a study of two years, including research, tests and readjustments by the team of Black Mountain Compagnie, who were helped by specialists with the highest level of expertise in whisky maturation. The qualities of Black Mountain whiskies derive from the harmony we found between the three main components of our products: water, casks, whiskies.

Water from the
Montagne Noire

The Montagne Noire is a region in the south-west of France corresponding to the south-west border of the French montainous area called Massif Central. Most rocks which compose it date back to the Precambrian and Primitive eras; they are more than 300 million years old. The hydrology of the Montagne Noire is very special. It benefits from heavy rains and thus forms an authentic water tower. It is gifted with many springs whose water possesses the best qualities for the production of whisky, such as a low level in calcium and magnesium, as well as no iron.
It is also the abundance of this water from the Montage Noire which, among others, allowed the construction of the Canal du Midi, an exceptional ribbon of water running from one end of our Occitanie region to the other!

the best casks

All the whiskies which are selected, blended and enriched with clear water from the Montagne Noire are aged and matured for an additional period of time in our casks which have already contained the most prestigious wines and spirits in our region.
This final step brings in its turn a unique identity to our whiskies, the renowned flavours from the Occitanie region.

the finest whiskies

Once water and casks have been chosen, the team has to find the whiskies which will reach the desired qualities to please both olfactory and gustatory senses and which will satisfy the requirements of our collection, Black Mountain Sélection. It is in Scotland exclusively that are found all the different whiskies composing our collection called Sélection.
They are whiskies with their own identities, but likely to get a more refined taste as they develop into perfection in our casks which were selected for the purpose of maturation. We take all the time we need to look for, sample and compare whiskies before making the decision to select one of them. And the result is worth it.

45.0% ABV

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