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Will renew

We are going to renew for another 3 months. Very impressed with the interested and diverse selections.


As expected delicious and medicinal. Thank you we will talk again

Glengoyne 18 Year Old

Boulder Spirits Trailhead

First experience trying Boulder and it was fantastic! Highly recommend if there's any bottles left.

Whisk(e)y Roulette

Boulder Bourbon Sherry Finished

Soft, red apples and sherry

After many bottles over many years, it is still a consistently wonderful drink. Warm, soft on the tongue, and a combination of red apples and sherry. More of a Speyside than a Highland.

A little disappointed

I was a little disappointed this time around in the bottle selection. The whiskey was good, not great but it was of lower value for what was paid. Every other whiskey has been good value for the money spent.

Blue Run

I’m truly impressed. Every other month a new anticipated bottle arrives. And, each one is hard to find at home. Always impressed and is one that is being talked about in bourbon circles. Many thanks and keep ‘em coming.

Bladnoch Peated

Very unexpected - a Lowland Peated whisky. What a delightful surprise. I hope you are able to keep this in stock as I will need another when this is gone.
You have outdone yourself - keep up the good work.

Tamdhu 12 year old

Whisk(e)y 101
Gord C.
Great first drop

Registered for the whisk(e)y 101. So far pretty happy with the service. Great customer service with all of my questions, and really like that they offer additions to your regular deliveries.

If you are looking for a great gift for a whiskey lover, or even gift for yourself, I highly recommend The Whiskey Drop.

Better than the whisky is the service

Top top top store in Alberta

The exceptionalist- Gordon McPhail Ardmore 1997

So, great on the nose, palate and finish. Amazing mouth feel.

Nose: little to no burn when you take it in deep. A lot of aromas: honey, fig, fruits... Confident 23/25.

Palate: as described, you get the red apples, citrus fruit and you definitely get the oak. Smooth as fuck!! No burn whatsoever. 24/25

Finish: after swishing for like a minute, still no major astringent feeling. Really smooth and amazing mouth feel. Hits all parts of the tongue with a very welcoming after taste. You pull a lot more oak at the end with those fruit and citrus notes lingering on for a solid minute after. 25/25.

Overall:. Not a big fan of the packaging overall. A bit meh for my liking. Also the seal was a bit loose. Not sure if that is something particular with the brand or a product defect. Otherwise labelling and branding is respectable. The overall impression of the drama, however, is that it's exceptional. Not in my top 10, but definitely top 20. 21/25.

Total= 93/100.

The Forager Botanical Whisky


Purchased as a birthday gift for my boyfriend and he loves getting to try new flavours each time.

Very nice scotch

Very nice scotch delicious

Very good

Outstanding Delivery Care!

Phenomenal packaging and care with shipments. Really enjoyed the choices - tried Scotch we never would have found otherwise. Would have like more 'around the world' selections.

Love this subscription

Only rec’d one bottle thus far and it’s far from a disappointment. Impossible to find, which is making me savour it greatly. Add on more store bottles for a minimal cost? Can do. Get a surprise bottle that you (likely) can’t find in store? Fine by me.

This whiskey subscription is the best treat for myself.

Excellent Choice

Nice smooth bourbon

The range and diversity of whisky in the Whisky 101 program is wildly enchanting and greatly enticing. Love unboxing each new delivery and enjoying a unique whisky that I would not find at any of my local merchants.

very nice whisky

a nice bottle of harder to find single malt. very nice

The Enthusiast
Keegan B.
Whisky Drop

What I like best is that 2/3 the bottles I received so far are “unusual” and something I don’t have access to.
I’m hoping for more heavily sherry cask influenced whiskies in the future and looking forward to receiving my next bottle.

Fermer (esc)


Brrrrr !

Même le whisky a un point de congélation. Avec des températures descendant en dessous de -30, nous ne pouvons expédier aucune commande avant le 10 janvier.

Nous nous excusons pour le dérangement. Si vous avez besoin de modifier ou d'annuler une commande, veuillez nous contacter à


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