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First delivery

It was like Christmas morning. Was a bourbon I got to experience that I probably wouldn’t have unless I was a member. Can’t wait for the next shipment.

The Explorer
Adam C.
Just great!

I’ve been a member of Whiskey Drop for about 9 months now and have been delighted. The selection of offerings is always unusual and of outstanding quality (even when the taste profile doesn’t match my normal preferences). As soon as I get a notice that a shipment is on the way, I am tantalized for days by the thought of what is on the way, and I have not yet been disappointed.

The Explorer
Tobias W.
Excellent bottles so far

So far the service has been excellent and the bottles I received are a treat. Also the flexibility that is offered for changing the frequency or pausing a delivery makes this a great choice. Fully recommend it.

Great Whisky

A very pleasant, good tasting drink to enjoy.

The Enthusiast
Darryl R.T.
Loving the Whisky

I subscribed a couple of years ago to The Enthusiast as a Valentine’s gift for my wife. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to try a new bottle of whisky every two months. We love the description card that comes with each bottle. An excellent service!

The Enthusiast
Edith S.

The Enthusiast

Fun treat!

I was skeptical signing up - would the bottles be good, would it be good value for money etc. The promise of being able to stop at any time or skip months was really nice, and I can confirm it’s easy to do and fuss-free. So glad I tried Whiskey roulette! It was a birthday gift for my partner and each month I see his face light up, eager to see what will be in the box. The bottles are quite varied and not something we find in our local liquor store. The bottles come so nicely packaged as well, it’s the real deal. Definitely a fun treat and a wonderful gift.

Whisk(e)y 101
Kirk W.
Great Selections

So far I’ve received 4 bottles out of 12 and each one has been great! They are doing a good job with their selections. Looking forward to the next 8!

The Explorer
Dave L.

I have really enjoyed the Explorer “experience”. It is a lot of fun waiting for the newest edition each month and trying them out. Whisky drop is very receptive to my needs and have helped me out a few times when I had to change the timeline of my order.

Whisk(e)y 101
Lesley J.

Educational and delicious

Lovable Whiskey No After burn. Bourbon Twist Ingenious.

The best whiskey to come out of Ireland for years. We love the idea of the unsung heros. Love the 40.7% and the label is great as is the price. This whiskey is up their with the best jameson etc. Gold medal winner. Fantastic reviews on Mash and Grape USA 170+ that says something. So smooth.

The Enthusiast

Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength
Strong but Flavorful

Great taste, ABV on the high side needed a drop of water, had a good fragrance, aroma. Definitely would buy again.

The Explorer
Darren A.
Happy, Happy, Happy

So far three months in and great scotch has been sent, on time and very well packaged.

Spring Came Early

What a fine treat and delivery was very timely. I have not been able to buy this locally and was very pleased with my purchase.

Excellent scotch, one of my

Excellent scotch, one of my favourites. I enjoy any scotches from that region.

Always great prices and great

Always great prices and great service.

Christmas Gift

It is great too be able to send a gift from the Maritimes to Toronto. The perfect gift is always scotch.
It arrived during a storm and delivery was delayed, but Nate was on it.

Whisk(e)y 101
Mitchell K.
Excellent service, great packaging, never

Excellent service, great packaging, never had an issue with bottles being damaged, love the tasting notes

Jura Journey
Mark M.
Good service

Glad it arrived safely. Took longer than expected to be delivered (1 month) but partly due to the freezing weather conditions.

Fantastic Whiskey. A Good Whiskey should never be out of Stock ???

Great Irish Whiskey so smooth and no after burn. Love that bourbon twist and that alcohol lift 40.7%. Proclamation is Ireland. its a steal at the price. This whiskey is very hard to get, we presume because is so popular, best whiskey to come out of Ireland in many years. This whiskey is talk of the town with the Irish communities. In Ireland its in a gift set, hopefully that will happen hear soon great gift for holidays etc. Its won Gold medals well deserved . The internet has brilliant reviews. Start spreading the news Proclamation Whiskey is taking over the world, its going to be the best whiskey in 2022 ! Great whiskey

Awesome gift and customer service

Perfect gift for my husband who enjoys Whisky. I initially went with every 3 months however I changed the frequency to every other month as my husband loved the concept. I love when a new delivery arrives, it's safely packaged with info on bottle. I recommend to all my GF. Nate in customer service is quick to answer any questions and makes it very easy to deal with them.

Whisk(e)y 101
Brandon W.
Fantastic experience

Loved the whiskey 101, was a great way to figure out what I enjoy in a whisky. Started out getting it every 3 months after the second bottle I switched to monthly. Would recommend to any one new to the world of whisky or anyone looking to branch out to the other styles.

Carn Mor Mac-Talla Tasting
Perry D.
Great Whiskies

Great whisky’s with a great whisky presentation

Whiskey Drop service is great!

We’ve been club members for a year and a half now and like it so much that two of our neighbours and another friend have all signed up! We drank most of our purchases on the driveway with friends and neighbours and fellow dog walkers durning the pandemic, making it a anticipated delivery for sure. Thanks to Nate for all his help!

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