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Whisk(e)y 101
Geoffrey G.
A great experience!

I started the Whiskey 101 program with some friends, currently on Month 5 and have been thoroughly enjoying the experience. Not all bottles are a hit with everyone, but, at least one of us loves each bottle we've received so far.
Shipping and email updates are prompt and appropriately frequent.
Selection has been great, and all bottles hit right around the price point so value feels very fair, plus, all bottle so far have tasted much better than we've been guessing they're priced. Definitely recommend for any whiskey curious individuals that want a fun monthly surprise.

Great Canadian!

I love this whisky! Ask for it for my birthday every year 😄
Read the description on the bottle: ‘praline, raisins, butter cream,’ etc. It is exactly that!
Easy sipper, which is not the case for most Canadian whiskies.

A walk down Memory Lane

My first exposure to cask strength whisky, must be 30 odd years ago. This dram hasn’t changed a bit over the years, we called it the Widow Maker!


Very nice scotch

Love The Pogues!

The band and the whiskey! Very hard to get in QC so when I saw it available through Whisky Drop I thought I would give them a try. Great service and turnaround on my order (which also included Paddy Irish Whiskey and Glengoyne 18 :) )
Will definitely be ordering from Whisky Drop again


TBH, I am not sure I want anyone else to know about this whisky. I recently toured distilleries in Kentucky and we tasted some fine stuff, but a bottle of Calumet we stumbled on at a restaurant ended up being the most memorable - and then no one else had it. It is smooth and light and has a brightness and depth of finish that feels both easy and sophisticated. I bought both the 8 year old and the small batch blend of 15 & 8 and there are subtle differences but both outshine other readily available bourbons. As I finish writing this, I am regretting not first buying out the remaining bottles.

Two Brewers Whisky

Great Whisky. Really enjoy it

Redwood Empire Lost Monarch Cask Strength

The Enthusiast
Darquise G.
pure alcohol for my taste

Found it very strong needed lot of ice to be able to drink the scotch


It is always interesting to watch what is going to show up. Always a good choice

Finally single grain treated properly

As a lover of the entire category of single grain whisky I am happy the Scotch side is paying attention and putting single grain distillate into better casks. This whisky is a shining example of how great single grain whisky is when taken care of properly!

Old Perth Vintage 1994
Christopher B.

To be honest I have not as yet opened to taste. Blended malt whisky’s I have only recently discovered as I now understand the difference between a blended malt and a blended whisky.
I recently opened and enjoying, thorourghly the Epicurian I purchased a while back

Great idea

I like that it gives me a variety of bottles that I would not likely go into a store to buy!

Whisk(e)y 101
Andy S.

Whisk(e)y 101

My dad loves this!

My dad loves this subscription! Have been buying a 3 month subscription @ xmas for 2 yrs now. About to buy another for his bday. He keeps the write ups and talks to his friends about it. Would highly recommend!

Definitely over proof.

Have water and glacier ice on hand.
And don't light your cigar near an open glass.
We love the variety we get from whiskydrop but we could ease up on the ovenproofs a little.
From the land of the Midnight Sun

The Enthusiast
Frank Q.
The Enthusiast

Yes, we are definitely ENTHUSED about The Whisky Drop 'Whisky Club', it is great to receive rare finds and well priced offerings. (I built a family & friend whisky tasting club around the whisky drop offerings). We really appreciate the flexibilities offered to our Membership, and thankyou for the well packaged deliveries. Cheers Nate!

Cadenhead 7 Stars Blend 30 Year Old
rene g.

Cadenhead 7 Stars Blend 30 Year Old

Awesome Surprise

This month's Bourbon box of Magnolia Barrel Proof Bourbon was a Awesome Surprise. The bourbon arrived weeks before it will be available at other retailers. Packed securely and delivered within days of signing up. Great intro into mystery boxes. Thank you

The Enthusiast
Bradley K.
Great choices

Hey, I’ve been enjoying the enthusiast for about two years now. All great whiskies . Highly recommend it. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing some official releases from distilleries. I love the independent bottlings but toss in a few official bottles from distilleries now and again.


Brad kelly

The Enthusiast
Raymond M.f.o.t.A.o.S.M.W.E.
A fantastic way to explore unique whisky with intriguing back stories!

I love this creative approach to whisky clubs and discovering the wonderful world of whisky, customized to each of our own preferred flavour profile and level of interest in this golden spirit!

The Bourbon Box
Robert D.
Very much enjoying this

As always...thanks for perfect deliveries and unique whiskies !

Whisk(e)y 101 is fantastic

Whisk(e)y 101 is a fantastic starting point for those new to Whisky. I've been a member for 10 months now and always look forward to the great monthly selection.

Worth it

Enjoyed every glass. More then happy.

Perfect present!

Monthly selections are always a surprise and welcomed ones at that!
Customer service and response times are excellent with every effort is made to address customer queries and delivery issues.

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Even whisky has a freezing point. With temperatures dipping below -30 we are unable to ship any orders until February 27th.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

If you need to change or cancel an order please contact us through the chat function located at the bottom of the screen or by email at


- The Whisky Drop Team


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